• Wolverine Slide

    Swampfox Wolverine slides take the guesswork out of putting an optic on your Glock build. There’s no need to worry about any compatibility issues—these 416 stainless, cerakoted slides were designed from the start to work perfectly with...

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  • Hostile Engagement Rings

    Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings are the rock solid, easy way to mount any RMR cut reflex red dot sight as a low profile secondary optic to your main rifle scope. No adapters, no hassles, just RMR footprint mounts at a 45-degree angle on each side of...

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  • Freedom Rings

    Swampfox Freedom Rings are the real deal, beefy matched pairs made of the best materials and to the highest standards. Freedom Rings are milled from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat oxidized, so your AR-15 receivers and your scope rings are made of the same...

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  • Independence Mount

    The Independence Mount is a cantilever 30mm ring mount for rifle scopes using the AR-15 or other Modern Sporting Rifle platforms. The Independence Mount works best for flat-top rifles assembled with a 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny or Weaver rail, placing the...

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  • Throw Levers

    Looking for a lost Throw Lever? Look no further. Order a replacement throw lever for your Arrowhead, Tomahawk or any Swampfox Optics Precision Riflescope here.  [tab] Swampfox throw levers are made out of rugged, anodized, machined aluminum and...

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  • Honeycomb Grid

    The Swampfox Honeycomb Grid anti-reflection device threads into the objective lens of your precision rifle scope without using any tools. The Honeycomb grid helps cut down on glare as you look through your Swampfox optic. It also prevents sunlight from...

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  • 4" Sunshade

    Fits all Swampfox riflescopes with 44mm or 50mm diameters. Extra long sunshade prevents glare even when the sun is low on the horizon.

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  • Replacement Lens Caps

    Left your flip caps on the bench at the shooting range? Left them out in the field? Left them in the toolbox? You have no freaking idea where you left them, huh? Well, we have all been there. Replacements are available and affordable, no problemo...

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