3MOA liberator red dot sight with low profile picatinny mount and anti glare ruby red lens


Red Dot Sight 1x22 SKU: RLR00122-1

The Liberator is a super compact, highly accurate Point-of-Aim Red Dot Sight. A clear 1X magnification with three bright reticle options allows for lightning fast sight picture acquisition with both eyes open. Light weight but tough, it is engineered to withstand 800 Gs of impact. It is waterproof, fog resistant and features hydrophobic & anti-scratch coatings on the ruby red, anti-glare lenses.


The Liberator is a super compact, highly accurate Point-of-Aim Red Dot Sight. A clear 1X magnification with three bright reticle options allows for lightning fast sight picture acquisition with both eyes open. Light weight but tough, it is engineered to withstand 800 Gs of impact. It is waterproof, fog resistant and features hydrophobic & anti-scratch coatings on the ruby red, anti-glare lenses.




Highly accurate, Liberator maintains its precision zero over time.



True 1 x allows for a lightning quick sight picture. Strike faster!



The 3 MOA red dot is large enough to grab the eye quickly, yet small enough to take precision shots to 200 yards. Ten brightness settings keep you prepared for any lighting environment.

The included CR2032 battery can last for 3,000 hours on a medium setting. After 4 hours without movement, Liberator's Auto-Off feature shuts down the red dot to further save battery life. Pressing the brightness increase button will awaken the Liberator, instantly returning to the previously set brightness level. 

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.223 REM



  • 2.5"

  • 1.6"

  • 1.6"

  • 3.4oz




    Fully Multi-Coated lenses optimized for anti-glare.


    Nitrogen purged. Even if your eyelid is frozen shut, your lens won’t be fogged up.


    Protective coatings improve both usability and longevity.

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Adjustment Click Value


Dot Size




Lens Diameter


Illumination Positions


Brightness Adjustments

Up/Down Digital Press

Shockproof G Forces



1 Meter/ IPX7

Max Battery Life

3,000 hours


2.54”(length) * 1.6” (width) * 1.62”(height)


3.49 ounces


Multi Coated Ruby Red

Specialty Coatings

Anti-fog, hydrophobic, anti-scratch


Parallax free @100 yards

Eye Relief


Mount Type



Aircraft grade aluminum

Windage/Elevation Movement Range (MOA)

+/- 45MOA/ Total 90MOA Range


3 MOA Red Dot
Red Circle Dot
Green Circle Dot




Lens Covers

Low Profile Picatinny Mount

Extremely Low Profile Picatinny Mount


Lens Cloth


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  • 5

    Posted by Billy Baker on Jan 11th 2020

    Bought this optic to install an AR pistol, Great optic works well. works better than optics that cost twice the price. Swampfox costumer service is top notch.

  • 5

    Posted by Jimmy1032 on Dec 17th 2019

    I purchased this for my AR-15 because of the positive reviews and seeing a lot of other optics in a store. The Liberator looked like it would be close to performing what the others can do and for the price I figured I would try it. For the cost you get a quality optic with two mounts. I don’t see a real difference between the Liberator and the more expensive optics in the same class. The optic came pretty much zeroed with only slight adjustments needed. As for the durability we will see how it performs being bounced around in a truck with all the other equipment. I am very happy so far and will look into purchasing a scope from Swamp Fox to equip another rifle I have.

  • 5
    Liberator Red Dot

    Posted by Rhett Dye on Dec 16th 2019

    Very impressed with this red dot optic. Zero adjustments are very crisp and the dot is very bright. I have the circle dot and like the ability to quickly acquire my target.

  • 5
    Red Dot

    Posted by William on Dec 12th 2019

    Build quality is great! The price is a bonus as well. I have a Vortex and a Swampfox. The build between the two is pretty close and the overall price difference is huge. I like the simplicity of this and the fact it comes with a high and low mount as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Nick Landers on Dec 8th 2019

    I bought this optic back in July, I had my reservations about it at first. After taking it to the range many times it has consistently delivered groups smaller than its 3 MOA dot. It has never failed me or caused me to doubt the reliability and ruggedness of this optic. I’m thrilled beyond belief with the quality and price of this optic!

  • 5

    Posted by Suraj Comack on Oct 22nd 2019

    I've been pretty impressed with this optic so far. For the price this has been amazing. The auto off feature is a nice touch, and I've been able to be confident that the optic will maintain its zero.

  • 5

    Posted by Nick on Oct 21st 2019

    I purchased this site and the king slayer. I put this site on my patrol rifle I use for work. The site was the fastest site i have used that was dead on within 10 rounds. It’s super easy to operate and obviously great quality. I am very satisfied so far with the product and can’t wait to see how it holds up to daily abuse in and out of a police cruiser.

  • 5

    Posted by Matt Vaughn on Oct 20th 2019

    I was looking for the best red dot for my money to use on a keltec sub2k. After a lot of research I chose the Swampfox Optics Liberator, and I couldn’t be happier. I have been using the carbine as a truck gun all summer, it has been bounced around and always holds zero. The dot is plenty bright and the controls are super simple. I honestly prefer it over the Aimpoint PRO on my Patrol rifle. If you are looking for more than your non ey’s worth, I highly recommend that you purchase the Liberator.

  • 5
    Liberator(Green Circle/Dot)

    Posted by Joseph C. on Oct 20th 2019

    I recently purchased a Sig Romeo 5 to put on a PSA AK-V. While waiting for it to be shipped, I came across an online review for a Swampfox Liberator. After visiting the Swampfox website. I noticed they gave a prior Military discount. This sealed the deal for me. I returned the Sig red dot & went with the Liberator with the Green Circle/Dot option. Could not be more pleased with the sight. Easy to zero, built just as solid as the Sig. There is no ruby red tint on the front lens, mirrored finish instead. Job well done Swampfox.

  • 4
    Liberator-compact and durable

    Posted by Dustin on Oct 19th 2019

    I bought this for a rifle build to add a red dot at a lower price point for my oldest son. The Liberator is quite the effective little red dot. Brightness could be improved but still visible in high sunlight days. Overall this red dot is a great sight at an extremely low price for what you get. I have since bought two more and run one on a shorty that I use for work in some situations. I have also bought several other swampfox products with the same outcome. Good Work Swampfox, I love veteran owned businesses!

  • 5
    Liberator beats competition

    Posted by Colten on Oct 19th 2019

    Purchased the Liberator after searching and doing A LOT of research. I have used just about every red dot optic except for a holosun and in my opinion the Liberator is best. The price is better, definitely for an optic that is offered with three different reticle options including GREEN DOT. And it has a much better looking design, which is a plus when putting it on my scorpion or other gun that has a distinct look. And the glass is literally CLEAR. No tint, which some people like but I personally don’t. If you want the best functioning optic with a clear and precise lense and reticle then you need to get a Swampfox. You won’t regret it.

  • 5

    Posted by Michael C on Oct 18th 2019

    I bought this red dot and have it currently on my CAA MCK and have had no issues with the sight. Not only does it look badda55 on my MCK, but have several people asking who makes the aight, and have had pleasure in sharing my experience with the Liberator as well as my two Kingslayers. Well worth the price, great quality, and outstanding company from all that I have read about.

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