Patriot 4-16x44

Patriot 4-16x44

Precision Riflescope SKU: PAT41644-M

The Patriot 4-16x44 precision rifle scope delivers the performance your rifle deserves. The optimized internal design maximizes eye box, a clear sight picture from edge to edge, even at high magnification. Use the included low- or high-profile throw fins to make instant magnification changes. The zero-resettable target turrets feature crisp, tactile and audible clicks calculated to match the Sharpshooter MOA or Sharpshooter MRAD first focal plane reticle with either 0.25 MOA or 0.1 MRAD adjustment per click. The Patriot delivers worry-free use in hunting, tactical, or competition shooting.


Precision You Can Count On

Accurate shooting doesn’t require an over-priced optic. You want a fast, big and bright sight picture with edge to edge clarity. You want a smart holdover reticle that enables you to take an intelligent, clear shot at any range. Meet the Patriot.


Patriot’s first focal plane Sharpshooter grid reticle remains true to target size and distance at all magnifications, an ideal configuration for ranging and precision shooting at long range and high magnifications. No matter what your shooting scenario may be, never worry that your Patriot is set to the “wrong” magnification.


Patriot’s advanced Sharpshooter Grid reticle is available in MOA or MRAD variants, matched with 0.25 MOA-per-click or 0.1 MRAD-per-click target turrets. Use Sharpshooter for ranging confirmation and elevation / windage holdovers at any target distance, with any caliber.


The Patriot includes both a low-profile and high-profile machined aluminum Throw Fin for your magnification ring- yeah, you get two of them. Choose the fin height you like most and assemble it anywhere on the magnification ring that allows you to get on target the fastest. No shopping around the aftermarket for a throw lever. No concerns about what will fit or how much it will cost- you have two options, in the box, ready to roll.

Superior Optical Performance

If price is a weight class, the Patriot is punching way above its weight. Swampfox never skimps on peripheral features, and accessories. The Patriot uses the best quality components and materials, state of the art glass with multiple coating layers, side focus parallax adjustment, a fast focus eyepiece, two throw levers, flip-up caps, and even a 3” sun shade are all included, right there, in the box.


The Patriot boasts excellent edge-to-edge optical clarity throughout the entire magnification range. Take quality shots in low light situations with help from Patriot’s great light gathering characteristics.


The Patriot’s optical system is a finely tuned machine, creating generous eye relief while maximizing field of view. The sight picture is flat, free of distortion and chromatic aberration from edge to edge. Your eyes won’t fatigue from looking through the Patriot.


Containing rare earth metals, Patriot’s glass is optimized for maximum resolution and brightness. The lenses are fully multi-coated for maximum light absorption and anti-reflection. They also incorporate extra specialty coatings for anti-fog, anti-scratch, and hydrophobic performance.


Everyone’s eyes are different. Patriot’s fast focus adjustable ocular allows for micro adjustments to keep the reticle sharp at all times, regardless of magnification level or target distance.


High magnification rifle scopes often have a very limited eye box, creating ellipses and blocking the full sight picture unless your eye is positioned perfectly. The Patriot has been engineered to widen this margin of error, maximizing eye box to provide you with as much speed and flexibility as possible at full magnification.


Patriot's side focus parallax knob eliminates harmful parallax error and keeps your target sharp and in focus—no matter how far away it is.
The Patriot smashes the myth that you need to spend half your paycheck to get clear, good quality glass and a great shooting experience.

Tactical Turrets


Zero Resettable Turrets

Sight in your Patriot scope to your preferences and then easily adjust your turret markings to indicate your “zero”. Shooters who prefer to dial for windage and elevation can quickly return to zero at any time. For shooters using the Sharpshooter reticle holdovers, set your zero and leave the turrets alone—and if a turret somehow gets bumped, simply dial it back to zero with a quick twist.


The robust tactical turrets have precise movement and have either 0.25 MOA-per-click or 0.1 MIL-per-click turrets, matching with the MOA or MIL Sharpshooter Grid Reticle. These turrets won’t easily be accidentally adjusted.

Glass Etched Sharpshooter Grid Reticles



Sharpshooter MOA is an intelligent reticle that is easy to navigate yet always precise. Easily measure the size of objects viewed through the Patriot down to 0.5 MOA to find your distance to target, then shift your point of aim and use the 36 MOA holdover grid to compensate for range and wind. Take a smarter shot with Sharpshooter MOA.


Sharpshooter MRAD is an intelligent reticle that is easy to navigate yet always precise. Easily measure the size of objects viewed through the Patriot down to 0.1 MRAD to find your distance to target, then shift your point of aim and use the 10 MRAD holdover grid to compensate for range and wind. Take a smarter shot with Sharpshooter MRAD.

Tough As Nails

Worried that an optic this affordable is actually built to last? You can leave that worry behind with Swampfox. The Patriot is shock resistant to 1,100 G forces, is waterproof, and sand proof. And if for some reason you do break it or it doesn’t last, the Patriot is covered by our 50,000 Round Guarantee.




Tube Diameter


Objective Lens Diameter


Exit Pupil (mm)

11.6mm (4x) - 2.92mm (16x)

Eye Relief (in)

3.7 - 4.0"

FOV @ 100 Yards (ft)

23.2' (4x) - 6.18' (16x)

Click Value

0.25 MOA / 0.1 MIL 

Parallax Setting

20 yds - Infinity 

Preset ZERO 50 yds

Travel Per Rotation 

60 Clicks/ 15 MOA 

Max Elevation Adjustment

90 MOA 

Max Windage Adjustment

90 MOA 

Lens Coating

Fully Multi-Coated/ Anti-fog/Hydrophobic 


Sharpshooter MOA / MRAD 

Focal Plane

First Focal Plane

Fast Focus Diopter

Yes, -2 to +2

Turret Style

Tactical Turrets with Zero Reset




22.1 oz.

Waterproof Rating


Impact Resistance

1,100 G Forces


Sharpshooter MOA
Sharpshooter MRAD

Sharpshooter MOA is a ranging and holdover reticle using the Minute of Angle mathematical system. With the help of a ballistic calculator or a few basic formulas, you can use Sharpshooter to estimate the range to target, then hit it without adjusting your turrets using the holdover aiming cues.


Other reticles give you one or two hash mark dimensions to use for range estimation. If the target size doesn’t match up, you must make your best guess based off those limited options. Sharpshooter MOA incorporates subtensions from 4 MOA all the way down to 0.5 MOA. Less guessing; more confidence.


With range to target established, you can use Sharpshooter’s holdover grid to shift your point of aim, compensating for both bullet drop and wind conditions without ever having to physically adjust the Patriot’s 0.25 MOA-per-click target turrets. The holdover grid extends 36 MOA down with precise wind hold dots extending to a maximum of 24 MOA to each side of center.


Due to the Patriot’s First Focal Plane construction, the measurements or subtensions in Sharpshooter MOA are correct and true at all magnifications. You never have to worry about being at the “wrong” magnification to range estimate or use the holdover grid.


Sharpshooter MOA is compatible with any caliber. As just one example, using a 100 yard zero, Sharpshooter MOA will provide holdovers for a standard .308 Winchester rifle to hit accurately past 900 yards in 20 mph winds.


In order to range targets or objects with Sharpshooter MOA, use the MOA ranging formula:
Target Size (inches) x 95.5” / Image Size in MOA = Range In Yards

In order to obtain an accurate range estimation, you need to know the size of the target in inches. Using either vertical or horizontal hash marks, measure the target dimensions in MOA as you view it through the scope. Multiply the target’s actual size in inches x 95.5”, then divide that result by your MOA target dimension observation to get the range to target in yards.

Assuming this combatant is 6 feet [72 inches) tall, and his body length comprises 15 MOA in your reticle, how far away is he? 72 x 95.5” / 15 MOA = 460 Yards


Example #2: Assume that you have ranged a target 400 yards away and your ballistic calculator or bullet trajectory chart indicates that the bullet will drop about 6 MOA at 400 yards. If you want to “dial for dope” you can turn the elevation turret up to 6 MOA and fire using the center of the crosshair. However, it is faster to leave the scope zeroed, abandon using the center aiming point, and count 6 MOA down on the crosshair’s hash marks, using the numbers on the right of the dot grid as a quick reference. Looking through the scope, you will appear to be aiming high of the target. Gravity will push down on the bullet as it flies the 400 yards to hit the target’s center of mass.



Short and Tall Magnification Throw Fins

Set Screw and Wrench for Throw Fin

Flip Up Lens Caps

Scope Cloth

Product Manual

Reticle Manual

3" Sunshade

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    Patriot 4-16 MOA Success

    Posted by Robert Zsigmondovics on Sep 13th 2019

    After unboxing and mounting my new Patriot 4-16 with MOA reticle I was impressed. I appreciated the professional and neat packaging that included everything that would be needed to set up the scope. I particularly liked the index card with the number for support if anyone had trouble with their new scope. The structure of the tube feels durable and the large turrets make dialing adjustments easy on the fly. The only gripe that I have is a bit of play in my vertical turret, it's a bit spongy. The grid reticle is excellent, and no longer requires the shooter to dial for different shots. I will be excited to experiment more at different ranges with this scope. Overall I am very impressed with the price point, quality of construction, and functionality of the Patriot! RLTW

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