• Arrowhead LPVO Riflescope Series

    The Swampfox Arrowhead LPVO series meets or exceeds every requirement for serious law enforcement and self-defense applications. Locking turrets require no tools to prevent unintentional adjustments. Arrowhead’s state-of-the-art optical design...

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  • Blade

    Blade is the mission-driven 1x prism scope dedicated for home defense and law enforcement. Blade’s revolutionary Bullet Rise Compensating reticle compensates for optic height over bore at just 5, 10, and 15 yards when mounted on an AR-15. Available...

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  • Tomahawk 1-4x24

    Tomahawk LPVO Riflescope Series

    The Swampfox Tomahawk is hands down the best value LPVO on the market today. This optic provides clarity, durability and accuracy that is unrivaled by any other Low Power Variable Optic at similar price points. Sporting a Second Focal Plane...

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  • Wolverine Slide

    Swampfox Wolverine slides take the guesswork out of putting an optic on your Glock build. There’s no need to worry about any compatibility issues—these 416 stainless, cerakoted slides were designed from the start to work perfectly with...

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  • Hostile Engagement Rings

    Swampfox Hostile Engagement Rings are the rock solid, easy way to mount any RMR cut reflex red dot sight as a low profile secondary optic to your main rifle scope. No adapters, no hassles, just RMR footprint mounts at a 45-degree angle on each side of...

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  • Liberty & Justice

    Liberty and Justice are the all new open reflex red dot sights intended for every day carry and law enforcement duty use on pistols, carbines, and shotguns. Narrower and shorter than our previous Kingslayer series, Liberty and Justice are made from tough...

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  • Warhawk FFP IR Precision Riflescope

    The Warhawk is Swampfox Optics’ latest high magnification precision rifle scope series, featuring crystal clear glass, tough construction, and intelligent FFP Sharpshooter reticles. Standout features include a 34mm main tube, superior field of...

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  • Freedom Rings

    Swampfox Freedom Rings are the real deal, beefy matched pairs made of the best materials and to the highest standards. Freedom Rings are milled from 7075 aluminum and hardcoat oxidized, so your AR-15 receivers and your scope rings are made of the same...

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  • Kentucky Long FFP Precision Riflescope Series

    Maximum magnification is 6x higher than the minimum, giving you incredible flexibility. Kentucky Long takes everything we love about the Patriot series and adds red reticle illumination and locking, re-settable target turrets. The first focal...

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  • Kingslayer

    The Kingslayer is a super compact, highly accurate micro reflex open red dot sight featuring three reticle options that allows for quickly acquiring a sight picture with both eyes open while focusing through to the target. For reciprocating pistol...

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  • Independence Mount

    The Independence Mount is a cantilever 30mm ring mount for rifle scopes using the AR-15 or other Modern Sporting Rifle platforms. The Independence Mount works best for flat-top rifles assembled with a 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny or Weaver rail, placing the...

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  • 3MOA  liberator red dot sight with Low Profile Picatinny Mount


    The Liberator is a super compact, highly accurate Point-of-Aim Red Dot Sight. A clear 1X magnification with three bright reticle options allows for lightning fast sight picture acquisition with both eyes open. Light weight but tough, it is engineered to...

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